TC Pam SPRINT visit to Tanna on July 2015

Vanuatu Family Health Association (VFHA) values the provision of quality sexual and reproductive health services in the understanding that all human beings have the right to access health services and advice of the highest professional standards and we stand to be counted for supporting government vision for an educated, healthy, and wealthy Vanuatu.  We are aware of the raising demands for services in a low resource economy of Vanuatu propelled by the continuously growing population.

We have two Clinics and one  Aid Post. One clinic is located with the Head Office in Port Vila and another one in Luganville, Santo and the Aid Post is located in Tanna.

We also operate a  Youth Toll-free HELPLINE 087777, it is a confidential telephone and referral service, connecting our expertise to communities across Vanuatu.

Reproductive Health Awareness in the Schools

Reproductive Health Awareness in the Community